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Ensuring confidence through AI-powered technology.


Real-time haptic feedback.

  • Subtle, yet efficient feedback 
  • Simple and easy-to-use interface

With the help of the Apple Watch's built-in "Taptic Engine", the user is prompted with subtle vibrations to remind them if they are speaking too fast for the audience. In order to implement this, we inquired MIT professors in search for the golden syllable count for a given time interval. 

Transitional Visual  Assistance.

Speakers often struggle with managing their allocated time during a speech or simply are in need of a quick reminder as to move on to the next topic. This feature effectively manages the speaker's time by providing them with subtle and customizable visual alerts.


  • Set custom visual alerts
  • In-app reminders

Post-speech analysis 

using NLP

This premium AI-powered feature allows one to access detailed infographics that provide the user with information on their speech, including their pacing and change in emotions through their heart rates, as well as expert advice and exercises for improving.


  • Analysis of emotions, pacing, and intonation
  • Effective feedback for practicing
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  • AI-based analysis


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